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How Trimming & Pruning Could Help You

3 Reasons You Must Pay for Tree Service

Your lawn is your outdoor oasis. You surround your home with flower arrangements, mow weekly, or remove weeds. You do your best to keep your plants vibrant and healthy, but you won’t know what to do with the trees. Your trees can provide shade for the other areas of the lawn and can even produce fresh fruits if you maintain them properly. To ensure that your entire lawn reaps the benefits and keep your trees in good condition, you can schedule a regular tree service. Below are 3 of the reasons you need this!

Tree Service in San Diego, CA

To add curb appeal

One benefit of having the trees trimmed is their appearance. You know it’s time to trim your trees if you notice broken limbs or branches that ruin their appearance. Broken branches will attract pest infestations and threaten your lawn’s well-being. Often, these will also affect your tree’s natural beauty and pose a threat to guests. Tree trimming also allows you to create special shapes out of the greenery. You can create an espalier, sculpt topiaries, or prune branches to keep the trees small.

To train your trees

You might think that trees naturally grow in a pattern that’s best for their well-being. In reality, trees need regular tree service to keep them in the right shape. If you see some crossed or crowding branches on your trees, you know that you must call a tree care contractor. Trimming trains the branches to grow with the proper spacing from other surrounding plants and limbs. For fruit trees, pruning allows them to bear the most fruit without breaking off branches or overloading. Your shade trees can also benefit from this because it allows the trunk to grow tall before the branches take over.

To keep it healthy

Your trees can’t survive if diseases are infecting their leaves and insects are crawling in their branches. To maintain their well-being, get rid of dead, dying, diseased areas of the tree. You must also look out for water spouts and weakly-attached branches that lead to safety hazards. Bear in mind that you must get rid of affected branches, so make sure to trim your trees deep enough that you don’t see any diseased branches.

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